Corsair super-sizes liquid cooling radiators

Closed-loop liquid coolers are big business these days. Everyone seems to be selling the things, and Corsair has a particularly diverse range of offerings. Today, that range expands to include two new products: the Hydro Series H90 and H110. These coolers are similar to the existing H60 and H100, but they feature larger radiators that accommodate 140-mm fans. Most all-in-one liquid coolers, including Corsair's own, rely on smaller 120-mm fans.

As the official press release points out, switching to larger fans allows more airflow to be generated at the same noise level. The larger radiators also provide more surface area, improving cooling performance further.

The H110 pictured above is the monster of the two, with a double-wide radiator and dual 140-mm spinners. Each fan is a low-speed model designed to deliver the high static pressure ideal for pushing air through tightly spaced radiator fins. The H90 below is somewhat more sedate, with just a single fan and matching radiator. Corsair says the H90 should be compatible with the 140-mm fan mounts in most cases. Obviously, the H110 requires dual fan mounts placed side by side.

Interestingly, neither of the new coolers features Corsair Link integration like the H80i and H100i. Those models boast software-based monitoring and control functionality in addition to upgraded fans. I suspect we'll see similarly equipped 140-mm models eventually. If you can't wait, the H90 and H110 are already selling at Corsair's online store for $100 and $130, respectively.

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