Release roundup: Case windows, gaming mice, and fancy mobos

We covered a whole boatload of new hardware launches at CES last week. You'd think the flow of releases would taper off for a while, but no. Quite a few announcements landed in our inbox this week. Here are those that didn't make it into our regular coverage:

  • Ready for 990FX Extreme9? ASRock has Saved the Best for the Last. ASRock calls the 990FX Extreme9 its "most deluxe motherboard of the AM3+ Series," and it's not hard to see why. This model is jam-packed with goodies, including "gold" capacitors, 12+2 power phases, an Intel Gigabit Ethernet controller, THX TruStudio-certified audio, support for memory overclocking up to 2450MHz, and a break-out box with three USB 3.0 ports. ASRock's announcement doesn't mention a price, but just to give you an idea, the existing 990FX Extreme4 sells for $144.99. Odds are this one will cost more.

  • BitFenix releases window side panel accessory for Prodigy. BitFenix's Prodigy enclosure is pretty nifty-looking, both outside and in. Soon, you'll be able to show off the case's guts with a windowed side panel. BitFenix says the Prodigy Side Panel Window Accessory is coming in mid-February. Pricing isn't mentioned here, either, but BitFenix touts the panel's "clear, non-obstructive acrylic" and its lack of "any clips or tacky mounting mechanisms." I think it looks pretty slick.

  • Genius Announces 12-Button Professional Gaming Mouse. Yep, this sure is a gaming mouse. Genius' GX Gaming Series Gila has a whopping 12 buttons, plus all of the trappings you'd expect from a rodent of that caliber: on-the-fly DPI adjustments, removable weights (six of them), adjustable LED backlighting, and a macro scheme with onboard memory. The sensor can track up to 8200 dots per inch, and the Scorpion UI software lets you set as many as 72 macros. You'll have to pay for the privilege, though: the Gila costs $99.99.

  • Super Talent intros mSATA 3 SSDs. These new solid-state drives should fit comfortably inside ultrabooks and other mobile systems that lack the space for a 2.5" SSD. Super Talent is offering 30GB, 60GB, 64GB, and 120GB capacities, and it quotes transfer speeds of up to 550MB/s for reads and 500MB/s for writes. The mean-time-between-failures rating is two million hours, which works out to "over 200 years of around the clock use." Warranty coverage is only one year, though.

That BitFenix case really does look nifty. The Mini-ITX form factor may be a little limiting, but there's plenty of room for a graphics card, a good cooler, and a few hard drives.

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