Megaupload sucessor to offer 50GB of free storage

He's baaaack. Kim Dotcom's Mega service is set to launch tomorrow, and TechCrunch got an early look at what this Megaupload successor has in store.

Right now, the service reportedly "resembles a simplified version of Dropbox." 50GB of storage will be offered to non-paying users, and they'll have the option of shelling out more for one of three "Pro" tiers. Pro-level subscribers will be able to get 500GB for $13/month, 2TB for $27, and 4TB for $40. Compared to Dropbox, which starts free users with 2GB and offers 100GB, 200GB, and 500GB tiers for $10, $20, and $50 per month, Mega looks like a much better deal.

Mega seems to be quite a bit more ambitious than Dropbox, as well. Although many of the service's planned features won't be activated this weekend, the roadmap includes loads of post-launch goodies, including improved queue management, instant messaging, and full API documentation. The ability to mount Mega shares to the Windows file system is currently in beta, and similar functionality is planned for OS X and Linux. Support for "all major" mobile platforms is on the menu, as well.

Perhaps the most surprising element of Mega's planned features is an application suite with calendar, word processing, and spreadsheet functionality. It's unclear where that particular item sits on Mega's priority list, but I wouldn't expect it to be near the top. Things like file attachment support for instant messaging seem to be far more critical to Mega's mission.

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