Double-decaf-low-fat-latte, with a twist of iPaq

— 5:22 PM on May 6, 2001

I noticed this Compaq press release while cruising PDA Buzz. That $5 for a cup of coffee might seem a little more reasonable if you can surf TR while you're drinking it.

Compaq will join Starbucks and Microsoft in creating a high-speed connected environment in Starbucks locations across North America. Compaq, a worldwide leader in mobile computing devices, has been named the in-store Internet access device provider for the wireless broadband network. In the future, Starbucks customers will be able to enjoy their favorite coffee beverages while accessing broadband content and services through innovative Compaq wireless devices such as the hot-selling, award-winning iPAQ Pocket PC or their own wirelessly enabled devices.
I have to wonder how popular this will be. I haven't exactly seen a boom in Internet cafe's, but perhaps tacking on Internet workstations, ideally for free, to existing and already popular franchises will work. Then again, maybe not, I'd imagine that places like Starbucks already have problems with people ripping off newspapers and magazines, a shiny new iPaq would be a lot more tempting.
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