Rumor: PlayStation 4 dev kit has Bulldozer CPU, Radeon GPU

Sony and Microsoft are both expected to unleash new consoles this year, and you know what that means: rumors all around. Today, the guys at Kotaku say they've gotten their hands on a treasure trove of "more than 90 PDFs" with details about Sony's PlayStation 4. The files were reportedly supplied by an individual who tried to sell a "Durango" Xbox dev kit on eBay last summer—so, someone who may very well have access to legit information.

Amid the documentation is a set of specs for the PlayStation 4 development kit. The machine is said to include an eight-core AMD Bulldozer processor, an "AMD R10xx" (I believe that implies Graphics Core Next) GPU, 8GB of system RAM, 2.2GB of video RAM, a 160GB hard drive, USB 3.0 and Ethernet connectivity, and Blu-ray.

As Kotaku points out, it's doubtful the retail console will pack the exact same gear as the development machine. If the information above is accurate, however, the next PlayStation may very well be AMD-powered. A custom, Trinity-like APU with fewer processor cores and more graphics resources could be in the cards for the system, although I suspect putting the CPU and graphics components on separate dies would be more cost-effective. (Bigger chips with higher transistor counts are more expensive to build and more likely to have defects.)

Also worth noting: Kotaku says the PlayStation 4 will support multiple simultaneous user logins, with different controllers being linked to different accounts. This setup could allow, for example, multiple users to earn achievements when playing the same game on the same console. Oh, and speaking of controllers, Sony is reportedly cooking up a new one with a clickable capacitive touchpad and motion-sensing capabilities.

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