Improving your "Internet experience"

Kyle has taken a [H]ard look at the fastest offerings from AMD and Intel. In true OCP fashion, he's overclocked both to their limits, and produced some interesting results along the way.
Intel has said from the get-go that their Pentium 4 was "enhanced" to give the user a better web experience and as is illustrated by the graphs, it certainly seems to be better at handling web apps better than the AMD Athlon. Now keep in mind that these are mainly commercial apps that are used for WebMark2001, but rest assured as the Net grows and progresses, that these applications being benchmarked are going to become all that much more commonplace in our everyday lives as private citizens as well as employees.
The P4 is still, sadly, tied to RDRAM. However, there seem to finally be some real world situations where the P4 can flex its muscles (apart from Q3 and memory-dependant benchmarks). This certainly bodes well for the future of the architecture as it scales past 2GHz, and as prices (hopefully) continue to drop.
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