New trailers hype Aliens: Colonial Marines release

Finished playing through the annual deluge of holiday releases? Good, because there are numerous new games on tap for February. One of them is Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is being developed by Gearbox Software and is due out on the 12th. To whet your appetite, here are a couple of recent trailers for the game, the first of which was released today and contains language that probably isn't safe for work.

Aliens is a beloved franchise in sci-fi circles, so Colonial Marines has a lot to live up to. Something feels off in these trailers, though. Maybe it's the fact that the cinematic trailer released last year had a much moodier vibe that reminded me of the marine levels from the classic Aliens vs. Predator game. The newer trailers are certainly action-packed, but they don't really convey the terror of being stalked by Xenomorphs.

Don't get me wrong; Colonial Marines still looks like a lot of fun. The campaign has support for up to four cooperative players, and the story is supposed to be a direct sequel to the second Aliens movie. There's reason to be optimistic about the narrative, too, since former Battlestar Galactica writers had a hand in creating it.

Unfortunately, Colonial Marines appears to be devoid of PC-specific goodies. This is a DirectX 9-class game, and the system requirements are relatively modest. The graphics in the trailers have a bit of a low-fidelity console feel, too. The lack of additional eye candy won't matter so much if the gameplay and story deliver, and Gearbox's recent work with the Borderlands series suggests they will. Fingers crossed.

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