Release roundup: Beefy liquid coolers and colorful fans

Well, would you look at that. All of the miscellaneous announcements in our inbox this week were cooling-related. We bring tidings of liquid coolers from Cooler Master and Thermaltake as well as LED-laden fans from Enermax.

  • Enermax introduces 18/20cm T.B. Apollish and T.B. Vegas Quad case fans. We already got up close and personal with the T.B. Vegas at CES earlier this month. Enermax has now formally announced this seizure-inducing contraption—and priced it at $24.99. Additionally, the firm has released the T.B. Apollish (pictured below on the right), which also accommodates both 180-mm and 200-mm fan mounts but lacks its big brother's rainbow LEDs. The Apollish is priced at $18.99. Both of these spinners make use of Enermax's Vortex blade design, which "concentrates airflow to cool target areas" and purportedly helps "increase the brightness of the LEDs," as well.

  • Cooler Master unveils Seidon 240M & 120XL liquid coolers. Cooler Master is shooting for affordable pricing with these new closed-loop liquid coolers. Nevertheless, the firm touts a "high performance waterblock that is machined out of a single block of copper with special Micro Channels that maximize heat dissipation." Cooler Master bundles the coolers with 120-mm PWM fans rated for operation between 600 and 2400 RPM. The branding is a little counter-intuitive, though. The Seidon 120M is the bigger model; it takes up two 120-mm fan mounts and costs $99.99. Meanwhile, the 240XL is priced at $79.99 and takes up just a single 120-mm fan mount.

  • Thermaltake adds Bigwater 760 Pro liquid cooler. The Bigwater 760 Pro is another beast entirely. Instead of strapping on to an exhaust fan emplacement, this cooler slots into a couple of 5.25" drive bays—and it's designed to be refilled by the user. That front cover gives you access to a fan-control knob and a liquid level indicator. Behind the cover sits a 120-mm radiator, a purportedly quiet fan designed to operate between 1600 and 2400 RPM, and a "silent and powerful" pump that pushes 500 liters (132 gallons) per hour. The Bigwater 760 Pro also features 3/8" "UV sensitive" tubing, a waterblock with a copper base, and mounting scheme with universal socket support.

You know, I'm still using a tower-style heatsink to cool my processor, but all of these closed-loop liquid cooler announcements have me itching for an upgrade. I might have to take the plunge, so to speak, before too long.

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