Napster, again

Napster's Beta 10 is now available for download. Just another release, or so I though, until I checked out the FAQ.
Q: Why is Napster releasing this new client now?

A: In compliance with the District Court's March 5th orders, Napster has been blocking files that rights holders have asked Napster to exclude from the Community. Since we began blocking certain files, we have been progressively refining the system to both more accurately and more thoroughly block access to music files we have been asked to exclude. As the technology available for the identification and tracking of music files has evolved extremely rapidly over the past few months, Napster has quickly embraced it in order to better protect copyright holders and improve our users' experience. The fingerprinting technology we've added in Beta 10 represents another step in that process.

The summer is rapidly approaching, and so is Napster's subscription-based service. Joe Sixpack's free MP3 trading days are numbered.
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