Deal of the week: Blazing-fast SSDs and last year's games

When we reviewed it last month, Samsung's 840 Pro Series solid-state drive wasn't exactly cheap—the 256GB version carried an incredible $270 price tag. Well, prices have dropped quite nicely since then, and Newegg now sells the same drive for only $199.99 shipped. There are no rebates or coupon codes involved; just pop that bad boy in your shopping cart, and you're all set.

Considering the 256GB Samsung 840 Pro Series is the second-fastest SSD we've ever tested overall, that's quite a bargain. The champion, in case you're wondering, is OCZ's 256GB Vector—but that model costs $40 more right now.

We've spotted another tasty deal at Newegg today. Arctic Cooling's Alpine 7 Pro processor cooler is available for $3.99 shipped after a $19.99 mail-in rebate. The rebate technically cancels out the $19.99 asking price entirely, but shipping will set you back $3.99. Either way, you're getting an LGA1155/1156 CPU heatsink with a (supposedly quiet) 92-mm fan for four bucks, which is pretty darn cheap. This may not be much of an upgrade from Intel's stock coolers, but if you need a spare heatsink for whatever reason, this seems like a decent and very affordable choice.

Meanwhile, on the gaming front, we see Amazon has a handful of downloadable PC games on sale yet again. You can snag:

Before we sign off, we'll invite our Canadian readers to peruse NCIX's latest sale—the Smorgasboard of Savings. I'm seeing some nice mechanical storage deals there, including a 2GB WD Caviar Green for $89.99 and a 3TB Seagate Barracuda with a 7,200-RPM spindle speed for $119.99.

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