Crytek's free-to-play Warface accepting beta applications

As the world awaits Crysis 3's February 19 release, developer Crytek has begun accepting beta applications for its next title. The game is called Warface, and unlike members of the Crysis franchise, it will be available free of charge. Check out the trailer, which features plenty of intense multiplayer combat:

Well, that looks better than most of the free-to-play games I've seen thus far. The high production values shouldn't be a surprise, though. Warface has the same CryEngine foundation as Crysis 3. Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli confirmed this summer that the company's free-to-play titles would have "the highest development quality," with budgets in the $10-30 million range. These games will undoubtedly be supported by optional paid content, although it's unclear what shape that will take with Warface. Let's hope the paid content is limited to goofy hats and other frivolous accessories rather than weapons and items that convey a significant tactical advantage.

The official Warface site has some details on the game, which will offer both combative and cooperative multiplayer modes. Co-op players can look forward to "daily content updates," while combative types will get class warfare spread across multiple modes, including "proven classics and true innovations." Perhaps one of those innovations is an everyone-versus-the-1% mode that pits freeloaders against players who have shelled out for in-game content.

Little information is available on the contents of the closed beta, but you can apply for access right here. It looks like the beta is being run through GFace, a gaming-oriented social networking service with ties to Crytek's CEO. That's just what the world needs: another alternative to Steam. And Origin. And Games for Windows Live. At least it's free.

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