Tuesday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Seagate announces financial results
  2. X-bit labs: Intel not rushing Atom SoCs with baseband capabilities to
    market and Rambus introduces R+ LPDDR3 memory architecture
  3. Fudzilla: Nvidia to start making its own tablets and smartphones
    and Apple likely to release 128GB iPad
  4. Redmond Pie: iPhone 5 jailbreak on iOS 6.1 confirmed
    to be working
    , release likely on Super Bowl Sunday
  5. iLounge has new details on Apple's budget iPhone 5
  6. C|Net: Intel's Yolo low-cost smartphone debuts
  7. Ars Technica: Ubuntu phones to come with a
    terminal—prepare your command line skills
  8. Polygon: Valve releases original Half-Life for Mac and Linux


  1. Fudzilla: Patent troll shut down by Newegg
  2. DigiTimes: Shipments of iMac products expected to climb in 1Q13
  3. Dealzon's deals: $200 off 13.3" Apple MacBook Pro i5-3210M,
    $98 coupon for 12.5" Lenovo ThinkPad X230 i5-3320M, and
    $130 coupon for 11.6" Lenovo IdeaTab K3011 tablet

  1. InsideHW and TechReviewSource on Asus Taichi 21

  1. AIDA64 v2.80 is released
Systems and storage

  1. Real World Tech: Microservers must specialize to survive
  2. X-bit labs on Intel's Next Unit of Computing
  3. Hardware Heaven and Tbreak review Zotac Zbox ID83 Plus
  4. Hardware.Info's hp Envy 23 TouchSmart review
  5. TechSpot's MSI GX60 notebook review
  6. Tbreak reviews Toshiba Satellite U940 ultrabook
  7. iXBT Labs review AMD FX-8350 processor
  8. ThinkComputers reviews Asus Maximus V Gene
  9. Madshrimps review 16GB Crucial Ballistix
    Tactical PC3-12800 low profile memory kit
  10. Hardware Canucks review Intel DC S3700 SSD
  11. Bits and Chips (in Italian) and Funky Kit review OCZ Vector SSD
  12. [H]ard|OCP reviews 120GB Kingston SSDNow V300
  13. NikKTech reviews 4TB G-Technology G-Drive external HDD
Multimedia, power, and cooling

  1. Guru3D, Hardware.Info, [H]ard|OCP, Overclockers.com,
    techPowerUp!, and VR-Zone review Asus ROG Ares II 6GB
  2. Hardware Heaven's PowerColor PCS+ HD7870 Myst Edition video review
  3. Techgage reviews Genius WideCam 320 webcam
  4. HotHardware tests five gaming headphones
  5. HTL reviews LEPA G1000-MA PSU
  6. Futurelooks reviews 1000W Rosewill Tachyon PSU
  7. Guru3D, KitGuru, Ocaholic, and techPowerUp! review
    750W PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III PSU
  8. techPowerUp! reviews Phanteks PH-TC12DX tower CPU cooler
  9. Hardware Secrets reviews Corsair H80i CPU cooler
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