$899 Surface Pro to ship with 23GB of storage free

I don't think I'll be getting a Surface for Windows 8 Pro. The thing sounds a little too heavy on compromiseā€”like the battery life, which seems to be around four hours, and theĀ available storage capacity, which The Verge now reports will be only 23GB for the base, $899 model.

Yes, as it turns out, the Windows 8 Pro operating system, bundled apps, and recovery partition will take up a combined 41GB on the Surface Pro. Microsoft has made it clear that the base, $899 version of the device will have 64GB of flash storage, so the math is pretty simple. You don't have to take The Verge's word for it, either; the 23GB figure was reportedly confirmed by a "company spokesperson."

That means you'll have two options for semi-reasonable storage capacity: either grab the $999, 128GB model, which The Verge says will have 83GB of free storage, or supplement the built-in flash with a microSDXC card or an external USB 3.0 hard drive.

The Surface for Windows RT was also criticized for its limited amount of free storage space. That model has 32GB of flash, and its operating system occupies half of it, leaving only 16GB for the user. I never imagined that shelling out $400 more for the Windows 8 Pro device would only get you an extra 7GB, though.

The Surface for Windows 8 Pro is due out on February 9. And I probably won't be buying one.

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