Final Battlefield 3 DLC adds dirt bikes, capture the flag

More than a year has passed since Battlefield 3 was released, and new content is still rolling out. The game's fifth and final End Game DLC is due in March. This last chapter is revealed in an action-packed trailer that has me itching to play. Check it out:

Capture the flag with dirt bikes? Yeah, I need to get me some of that. The dirt bike has its own physics engine, and you're supposed to be able to do wheelies and quick stops. "A lot of cool jumps" have also been added to the DLC's new maps, which should make things even more interesting. I'm sure there will be new achievements associated with distance and hang time. Fingers crossed for a cunning stunt bonus.

The official Battlefield blog provides more details on the expansion, including its four new maps inspired by the seasons. There's another new gameplay mode in addition to capture the flag, too. End Game brings back the air superiority mode from Battlefield 1943. Apart from the promise of massive dogfights, few details are provided on this jet-based mode. Battlefield Premium members apparently have access to a longer gameplay video showing it off, though.

I've probably sunk more hours into Battlefield 3 than any other game in the past few years, and almost all of that time has been with the multiplayer. Something about Battlefield gameplay triggers massive amounts of dopamine to be released by my brain. The prospect of racing through—or soaring over—a raging battlefield on a dirt bike has me positively giddy.

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