Final Battlefield 3 DLC adds dirt bikes, capture the flag

More than a year has passed since Battlefield 3 was released, and new content is still rolling out. The game’s fifth and final End Game DLC is due in March. This last chapter is revealed in an action-packed trailer that has me itching to play. Check it out:

Capture the flag with dirt bikes? Yeah, I need to get me some of that. The dirt bike has its own physics engine, and you’re supposed to be able to do wheelies and quick stops. "A lot of cool jumps" have also been added to the DLC’s new maps, which should make things even more interesting. I’m sure there will be new achievements associated with distance and hang time. Fingers crossed for a cunning stunt bonus.

The official Battlefield blog provides more details on the expansion, including its four new maps inspired by the seasons. There’s another new gameplay mode in addition to capture the flag, too. End Game brings back the air superiority mode from Battlefield 1943. Apart from the promise of massive dogfights, few details are provided on this jet-based mode. Battlefield Premium members apparently have access to a longer gameplay video showing it off, though.

I’ve probably sunk more hours into Battlefield 3 than any other game in the past few years, and almost all of that time has been with the multiplayer. Something about Battlefield gameplay triggers massive amounts of dopamine to be released by my brain. The prospect of racing through—or soaring over—a raging battlefield on a dirt bike has me positively giddy.

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    • SternHammer
    • 6 years ago

    I use both Origins and Steam, and honestly find Origins less complicated and easier to navigate in general!
    I also think that; Steam’ theme is kinda outdated and needs some work, it’s the same theme since 2007!
    Overall: Origin is cleaner looking and easier to navigate and got BF3, and hey you can stream to twitch directly from Origins now!
    The only bad thing about Origin is: they charge taxes on your purchases…

      • Black Applesauce
      • 6 years ago

      Hey pal, you just blow in from stupid town?

    • Bensam123
    • 6 years ago

    Seems more and more like Joint Ops. Sadly hackers are just as prevelant in BF3 as JO. I remember people who would take off all their gear except for a machete and move so ridiculously fast around the battlefield you couldn’t shoot them and they’d one shot you with their aimbots… Just like BF3!

    I really would like to play and enjoy BF3, but I just can’t cause of the cheating. I would pay for a AC DLC if it would fix the problem and address them or even another copy of the game. It really ruins the experience and I’d assume the experience for anyone else who is remotely competitive. About the only way to have fun is just to pretend they don’t exist. It’s just the guy who lives in his moms basement and plays 12 hours a day, right?!?! Even that illusion is ruined when you get one guy who just sits in place and headshots anything that moves in the open in a almost hysterical fashion.

    Cheating really deserves more attention, more of developers time, and more retribution.

      • tanker27
      • 6 years ago

      Dealing with cheaters doesnt have to start and end with the devs. Yes the Devs could be more vigilant with the code but all it takes is a good community on the servers to deal cheaters the justice they deserve.

      Find a community that doesnt allow for cheaters and see them get banned just as quick. There are many popular communities/clans/guilds/whatever-you-want-to-call-them that have a zero tolerance for cheaters. Find them and join them.

        • Bensam123
        • 6 years ago

        Banning cheaters by admins is still extremely subjective and I’ve met a lot of admins that can’t use inferences worth a damn. IE a demo of someone following a guy by using a wallhack in an extremely obvious fashion. It was like watching predator. He’d stop when the guy he was following would stop, take aim at the corner he was about to come around when he walked towards him, started moving towards him again when he’d start moving again in the opposite direction. Other demos of the guy shooting at guys before they’d come around a corner.

        It was the most ridiculously obvious thing I’ve ever seen and the group I was playing with (which were supposedly good admins at catching them) had something like a 70/30 split on him.

        Really the most destructive sort of hacking isn’t the obvious spinbot or the guy that headshots someone from across the map constantly, it’s the guys that pretend they’re legit by using just a wallhack or only toggle a aimbot for a second when they really need to kill someone. Those are almost impossible to ban by subjective means. In the process of trying to get them banned the community ends up getting tore apart as they’re usually a part of it and respected for their skill. The amount of evidence you need to mount for such a case is enormous, but it eventually reaches that tipping point.

        That’s months and sometimes months on top of months, half a year, of unrewarding work just to weed out one douchebag in one community server. I eventually gave up on this because I come online to play a game and have fun, not be a game janitor. I found myself not only NOT having fun, but working while playing games.

        Something needs to be done by developers. It shouldn’t be left up to the community to fix their game… That goes for unofficial community patches as well as cheating. That’s why you pay them money.

      • Phishy714
      • 6 years ago

      In what game have you never seen any form of cheating…?

      Honestly, this argument is pretty ridiculous. Sure, there are hackers out there, but at the same time, its as SIMPLE as either putting up with it for 5 min till the map finishes (to not lose the pts you made) or quitting the map and going into another server.. Oh, a hacker in that server too? Report them like you did the previous and go to another server. Simple.

      In my almost 300hrs played of BF3, I sure as hell have encountered hackers, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the game.. simply get out and go to a new server for a match while that hacker clears out of my preferred server. Or worst case, quit playing for half an hour lol.

      And I agree with the post above me, its as much the community’s responsibility as it is the developers, if not more. Why? because its completely unrealistic to assume that the developer has tabs and can constantly monitor EVERY SINGLE user online at any given point. It is up to the community to report these people ASAP to catch and ban them.

        • lilbuddhaman
        • 6 years ago

        It was shown in ALPHA that their method of hit detection was completely client side (for latency reasons) and that their method of catching people toying with it (punkbuster) was not a viable means for stopping hackers.

        It was also shown, for the first 6 months of release, that the devs would not and did not ban blatantly obvious hackers, such as those with more kills than humanely possible, accuracies that were not humanely possible, etc etc. Not to mention the video(s) of the dev team being killed by hackers (Team KFC), hackers that were “caught” not being banned but instead just having their stats wiped.

        Their methods of hacking prevention were as laughable as possible for such a high profile release.

          • Bensam123
          • 6 years ago

          You mean like videos of guys sitting in spawn knifing people from across the map? Most obvious hack in existence and I still saw servers emptied out by that as they’d ‘struggle’ to find a admin who could ban them.

        • Bensam123
        • 6 years ago

        How do you report a hacker in BF3? I haven’t seen a way yet… Don’t say go to the forums because nothing good comes from the forums. Don’t say make a fraps video and post them on the forums, they don’t give a shit. You ban one guy and there are dozens to take his place… hundreds. Have you seen how often the autoban for PB ticks off in some servers that have it set to display who gets banned? It’s like a ban every few minutes. That’s just PB.

        Pretty much every server I was in in BF3 had a hacker of some type. If you’re lucky you end up in one where they’re only using a wallhack. I ended up sticking to metro servers because it gave people less of an advantage there then it did in open map servers, especially with tanks and choppers. When people can turn off their skybox, have outlines of anything moving around in the air, or simply can see through foilage it gives them a ridiculous advantage.

        Read my post above for my response to community based banning.

          • Prestige Worldwide
          • 6 years ago

          Can’t you just report them from their Battlelog profiles?

      • Krogoth
      • 6 years ago

      Stop going to public servers. If griefers and cheaters are such a concern just stick with private servers with people you know in person.

        • Washer
        • 6 years ago

        64 people in a private? I just find a few clan servers that are well admin’d and friendly then stick to those.

        • Bensam123
        • 6 years ago

        Like people you know in real life or people you know online? People online still runs into the response under tanker with cheaters being heavily integrated into communities…

        I don’t think filling a 64 person server with people you know in real life would happen… More then likely not even a 16 outside of a lan party.

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