New Catalyst beta further boosts Crysis 3 performance

Calling all Radeon users! Well, at least those who signed up for the Crysis 3 multiplayer beta. There's a new beta of AMD's Catalyst 13.2 graphics driver up for grabs, and this one is supposed to include additional—and quite substantial—improvements to Crysis 3 performance. You can download the driver here from AMD's website.

In AMD's words, this Catalyst 13.2 beta 4 update "provides up to 50% performance improvement in certain cases in single GPU configurations with 4x and 8xMSAA enabled in [the] Crysis 3 beta." The previous release, the Catalyst 13.2 beta 3 driver, also included optimizations for Crysis 3, but those were apparently a little tamer—performance only rose by "up to 15% in high MSAA cases," according to AMD.

(By the way, the release notes on the driver download page still outline the beta 3 features, but the download link does point to the beta 4 installer.)

Also included in all Catalyst 13.2 betas are the frame latency optimizations we discussed earlier this week and previewed before that. The optimizations apply to Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and our testing shows they effectively curb latency spikes and improve in-game fluidity. Those improvements should be attainable on both newer, GCN-based Radeons and previous-gen, 6000-series offerings.

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