New 3DMark released for Windows

After a lengthy delay, the next version of 3DMark is finally out for Windows. Folks eager to make their PCs sweat can download it here from Futuremark's website. The benchmark is available in three flavors: a free Basic Edition, a more flexible Advanced Edition priced at $24.95, and an outrageously priced ($995) Professional Edition that's "licensed for business use" and supports "command line automation," among other features.

Part of the appeal of the new 3DMark is cross-platform support. That's not on the menu quite yet, though. Right now, only the x86 Windows version is available; Windows RT, iOS, and Android releases are scheduled to follow "soon." Futuremark said on that topic last Thursday, "We are aiming for a short gap between releases, think weeks rather than months."

Well, there's plenty to keep geeks busy for now, in any case. There are new benchmark scenes with state-of-the-art eye candy (supporting DirectX 9, 10, and 11 hardware), plus an interactive graphing feature that plots frames per second, CPU power and speed, and CPU and GPU temperatures over time. Too bad there doesn't seem to be any support for tracking frame latencies.

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