Again with the poll: Dead web sites?

It's that time again. Get your poll-spamming scripts ready.

Looking at last week's results, it's clear that, while we can't all agree on which aspect of XP's activation we don't like, just about everyone doesn't like it, or doesn't care. Activation hassles and privacy concerns each took 26% of the vote, while the fact that XP activation will make it marginally harder to warez took 22%. 18% don't care as they're happy with their current OS, and an anemic 5% see no problem with XP's activation.

This week we're paying our respects to dead web sites—victims of advertising network fallouts and other circumstances.

Which dead web site do you miss the most?
There are a few choices, and feel free to add your own to the comments if we've missed any. Anyone caught suggesting that TR is dead will be tracked and repeatedly beaten with a copy of "WindowsXP for Dummies." Thank you for your attention. That will be all. Now go vote!
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