Asus video teases $149 Memo Pad tablet

Remember that $149 tablet Asus announced last month? Yeah, it's still not available in the U.S.—or at least, I'm not seeing it listed at either Newegg or Amazon yet. That hasn't stopped Asus from posting a video on its YouTube channel to flaunt the tablet's merits. Check it out:

Last we heard, Asus's plan was to release the MeMO Pad in "several emerging markets" last month, with a U.S. rollout scheduled to follow in April. The company has already released a full set of specs, so we know the MeMO Pad will have a 7", 1024x600 display with 140-degree viewing angles, a Via WM8950 system-on-a-chip with a single ARM core, 16GB of flash storage expandable via microSD, and a battery rated for seven hours of run time.

In Asus' words, the MeMO Pad is "not designed for Android enthusiasts, 3D gaming [or] early hardware adopters." Rather, it's meant to deliver a compelling blend of power-efficiency and user-interface fluidity at a low price.

Fair enough, I suppose. Nobody in their right mind should expect an iPad killer (or even a full-featured Nexus 7 substitute) for $149. Still, the MeMO Pad seems like a capable computing device, and the Asus software bundle looks decent enough. I just hope the display is better than the specs make it sound—viewing angles that narrow are usually found on cheapo TN panels.

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