L.A. Noire blooper reel highlights superb facial animation

Games are resembling movies more and more these days. The graphics are becoming more lifelike, and so are the animation systems governing the characters. I guess it was only a matter of time before we saw a genuine blooper reel from a blockbuster release. A video filled with flubbed lines from L.A. Noire is making the rounds at gaming sites, and it's pretty entertaining. Warning: the dialog includes a few choice words that aren't safe for work.

The bloopers come from sessions conducted by motion-capture firm Depth Analysis, and they show off just how well the voice actors' facial expressions were mapped to their in-game avatars. The expressions look very natural, making the characters seem more real without resorting to higher graphical detail. Given how much our brains are wired to react to facial cues, I'm not surprised.

This isn't new tech, of course. L.A. Noire came out almost two years ago and started on consoles. The blooper reel is somewhat dated, too; it seems to have been posted online as early as three months ago, albeit at a lower resolution than the 720p clip embedded above. Even at 240p, the facial expressions still impress. It's amazing what smooth, natural motion can do for a scene. Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the tip.

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