Rumor: Apple prepping wearable 'watch-like device'

This rumor came totally out of left field yesterday—really, an iWatch? But now that it's been echoed by both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, I think all this talk of a wearable "watch-like device" from Apple probably holds water.

Let's see... the Journal quotes "people briefed on the effort" who say Apple is "experimenting with designs for a watch-like device that would perform some functions of a smartphone." Word is that the Mac maker has already approached Foxconn, its largest manufacturing partner, about the device.

The Times has a few more specifics. Quoting "people familiar with the company’s explorations," it says Apple is working on a device that's "made of curved glass" and "would operate on Apple's iOS platform." The Times adds that investors already expect the Apple watch to replace smartphones in the future. Oh, those crazy investors.

You know, I haven't worn a watch since I got a smartphone a few years ago, and I'd like things to say that way. I like not having something heavy grinding around my wrist all day, soaking up sweat and tugging at the hairs on my arm. I like having a device with a big-enough screen on which I can browse the web comfortably. Also, I like not having to contort myself to show vacation photos or funny Internet pictures. The iWatch might be real, and Apple might market it successfully, but I'm not sure I quite see the point.

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