Nvidia posts another round of record results

Well, at least one tech company is doing well lately. After posting record earnings for its third fiscal quarter, Nvidia has announced another round of record-breaking results, both for its fourth fiscal quarter and for its past fiscal year, which ended on January 27.

Here are the quarterly figures...

  Q4 FY'12 Q3 FY'13 Q4 FY'13
Revenue $953.2 million $1,204.1 million $1,106.9 million
Net income $116.0 million $209.1 million $174.0 million
Gross margin 51.4% 52.9% 52.9%

...and the yearly ones:

  FY'12 FY'13
Revenue $3,997.9 million $4,280.2 million
Net income $581.1 million $562.5 million
Gross margin 51.4% 52.0%

Nvidia's fourth-quarter results are substantially better than those from a year ago. The company's yearly revenue has gone up, too, although net income is a little less than it used to be.

Or, if you prefer commentary from Nvidia's permanently upbeat CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang: "This year we did the best work in our company's history. . . . We achieved record revenues, margins and cash, despite significant market headwinds."

A slump may be on the horizon, though. Nvidia says it expects revenue of $940 million, give or take a couple percent, for the ongoing quarter. According to Reuters, that figure is well below analyst estimates of $1.067 billion. $940 million is however higher than the $924.9 million Nvidia posted for the same quarter last year.

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