Which Blu-ray player software for Windows?

Hey, all. News will be slow around here today, since it's President's Day.

I do have a question for you, though. What do you use to play commercial (encrypted) Blu-ray discs in Windows?

I have ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater 3, but it seems not to be getting any more updates. It wouldn't play a new movie we rented this weekend. The newer version of the program costs $50 to upgrade or $100 to buy outright, which seems kind of pricey for a product whose older edition just stopped doing its job.

Yes, I realize that for many intents, it's like I'm asking which dial-up BBS client software you recommend. Renting movies on optical drives is tired, played out, a relic from a time past. If anything, I should be ripping a massive library of BD-ROMs to a NAS just to keep up my geek cred. But I don't care to manage all of that, and it's not my fault the best legal option for renting new movies is often Red Box still.

So, with that said... any recs for BD player software for Windows that actually works reliably with new movie releases? Maybe something reasonably priced?

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