Morning, all. You will notice some articles about the GeForce GTX Titan around the web today. The reviews aren't out yet, but Nvidia has lifted a press embargo on most of the info about the card. Full reviews will be out very soon, but not today.

This two-stage plan—info first and performance data second—isn't something to which we'd object in principle. Nvidia hasn't asked us to release some of our independent performance results sooner and others later, in order to shape the perception of its product. Many of you will recall that we objected to such a plan from another firm last fall because we believe it ceded editorial control, in a way, to the company whose product was being evaluated.

However, I recognize that some folks won't see the distinctions we do between one multi-stage release plan and another. Rather than end up arguing pointlessly over these matters, I've decided to wait and post my GeForce GTX Titan write-up in one shot. I'm hoping that will leave me free to do what I love—play around with exciting new PC hardware and test it in ways that provide new insights—without all the noise.

While you're waiting, if you're curious about the GK110 GPU that powers Titan, I wrote an overview of the chip after GTC last year that should tell you most of what you'd want to know. If you want to see how that chip translates into a consumer graphics card, keep checking TR over the next little while. We'll have a full review shortly.

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