Firefox 19 introduces home-brewed PDF viewer

One thing I love about Chrome is the integrated PDF viewer. I don't have to watch Adobe Reader stall my browser anymore—and once PDF files load, the interface for navigating them is responsive and snappy. Instead of, you know, not.

Well, now Firefox users can revel in that same luxury. As of yesterday, Firefox has its very own PDF viewer built and maintained by Mozilla. The viewer premiered in version 19 of the browser, which is available to download here. (If you already have Firefox on your computer, then just hit the "About" menu item under "Help" to check for updates; the latest release should download and install automatically.)

The Firefox PDF viewer feels a little less barebones than Google's implementation. It has a full-screen mode, numerical zoom, a page finder, and a collapsible outline view. In fact, it looks an awful lot like Adobe Reader—minus the clunkiness. According to this blog post, the viewer is built using plain-old JavaScript and HTML5.

Kudos, Mozilla. For a full list of additions, changes, and bug fixes in Firefox 19, you can check out the release notes here.

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