Gigabyte's Thin Mini-ITX motherboards hit Newegg

Remember those Gigabyte Thin Mini-ITX motherboards we told you about last month? The GA-H77TN and GA-B75TN are now official, and they're already available at Newegg. The former is selling for $125, while the latter can be had for $110. Both boards support Intel's latest Ivy Bridge processors and come equipped with dual SO-DIMM slots and quad USB 3.0 ports. They also have Mini PCIe x1/mSATA slots and open-ended PCIe x4 slots. The Thin Mini-ITX form factor is designed for ultra-slim systems and all-in-one PCs, so you probably won't be pairing these puppies with discrete graphics cards. The PCIe x4 slot is only good for delivering 25W of power, anyway.

As the model numbers suggest, the GA-H77TN and GA-B75TN are based on the H77 and B75 platform hubs, respectively. The H77 model comes with RAID support and offers two 6Gbps SATA ports and two 3Gbps ones. Meanwhile, the B75 variant lacks RAID and kicks one of the 6Gbps ports down to 3Gbps speeds. The mSATA slots on both boards appear to be limited to 3Gbps connectivity.

To celebrate the release, Gigabyte has posted a how-to guide that details building an all-in-one PC. There's also an accompanying video:

We built our own AIO system using an Intel motherboard last year, and we were largely impressed with the results. Putting together a Thin Mini-ITX system involves little more work than assembling a traditional desktop PC. The unnamed AIO chassis in the Gigabyte video sets the motherboard's I/O panel on the left edge, which is a lot more sensible than the bottom-mounted ports of the Loop chassis that housed our system back in August.

According to Intel's Thin Mini-ITX compatbility page, the new Gigabyte boards are compatible with 14 different AIO chassis from a range of manufacturers. Apart from the $265 Loop model we looked at, though, I can't find any of those other chassis selling online. Gigabyte says "dozens more" Thin Mini-ITX chassis are expected to be released this year. Let's hope they're available through the same channels as the firm's motherboards.

Update: Intel tells us the unnamed AIO chassis in the Gigabyte guide is this CLT Mitac 7 Series unit, which features a 24" touchscreen with a 1080p display resolution. Asking price: $515. CLT, which appears to be selling the Mitac models mentioned in the Intel compatbility guide, also offers a 22" version of the chassis in addition to non-touch variants. They all have 1080p IPS panels, which is a pleasant surprise.

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