TR looks at X-10 kit, hands 'em out free

Now this is a new one. Not only do we have an inquisitive look at X-10's FireCracker home control kit, but we also have--thanks to the 3DN gang--a giveaway on these puppies. Read through my take on the X-10 kit, and the giveaway info is at the end.

Does the name X-10 sound vaguely familiar? Well...

We've all seen 'em. Those ever-present soft-core porn-looking ads on ZDNet. It's not easy to read through an entire, vapid Berst Alert with those things blinking at you, let me tell ya. But how many of us have actually clicked through to see what these fine specimens of womanhood are smiling about? If you've always kind of wondered but were afraid to ask, this review is for you.
Read the rest for more info, and to find out about TR's X-10 giveaway action, right here.
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