The Tech Report has gone mobile

You asked; we listened. As of today, anyone visiting TR from their smartphone will be greeted with our brand-new, state-of-the-art, mobile-optimized layout.

You can switch between the mobile and full-sized layouts by scrolling down to the bottom of any page and clicking either "Mobile" or "View full site." Your preference will be saved in a cookie, so it will be remembered for future visits. Folks visiting us from tablets, laptops, or desktop PCs should see the full-sized layout by default. If you load TR from a phone, however, you'll be served the mobile layout automatically.

Now, we expect everyone to be in awe of this prodigious feat of engineering. We do anticipate some questions, though:

Q: I hate mobile sites! I want the full version of TR on my phone.

A: No problem. Just swipe down to the bottom of any page and click "View full site." Your preference will be remembered.

Q: Hey, you forgot the forums!

A: We didn't! We're working on the mobile forums template and will roll it out as soon as it's ready.

Q: How do I enable a threaded view of the comments?

A: At least one TR staffer developed PTSD trying to fit ultra-deep comment threads into 320-pixel-wide phone screens. For now, the short answer is: you can't. We may revisit this omission in the future, though.

Q: How do I change the chronological order of the comments?

A: Same place as in the full-sized layout: under "View options," just beside the main comment count.

Q: Graphs are too tiny. I can't read them!

A: For optimal viewing of graphs and tables, rotate your phone into landscape mode.

Q: Something isn't working right.

A: Sorry. Please tell us about it, either via e-mail or by posting in the comments. Don't forget to mention what combination of phone, operating system, and browser you're using.

Well, I think that about covers it. Enjoy! And if you have any feedback not covered above, feel free to sound off in the discussion below.

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