Google Chrome to get tab noise indicator

Don't you hate it when you have a gazillion tabs open, and then one of them—you have no idea which—decides to start blaring some annoying sound? You pretty much have to cycle through the tabs one by one, shielding your ears, looking desperately for the source of the noise.

Happily, that may not be a problem in future versions of Chrome. The Next Web reports that recent pre-release builds of Google's browser include a new feature: an animated overlay that shows up on tabs currently playing audio. Like so:

(Thanks to François Beaufort for the video.)

The Next Web says the overlay appears upon playback of both HTML5 and Flash audio. And as the site points out, the overlay is present in both Chromium nightlies and the latest "Canary" Chrome builds, which suggests its imminent arrival in stable Chrome releases. For now, you can try out the new feature by hopping on the "Canary" release channel right here. Just be careful—Google says these builds are "designed for developers and early adopters, and can be prone to breakage."

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