Deal of the week, early edition: A 500GB Samsung SSD for $280

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you an early edition of the weekly deal post. Because, like, wow.

Until 11:59 PM Pacific Time tonight, Newegg is offering Samsung's 500GB 840 Series SSD for only $279.99 shipped. The drive normally sells for $399.99 and is currently listed for $339.99 at the e-tailer. Promo code EMCXVVP23 shaves off the remaining $60, bringing down the cost per gigabyte to just 56 cents.

There's a similar coupon code for the 250GB version of the drive, as well. Entering EMCXVVP28 on the checkout page will let you snag the 250GB Samsung 840 Series for $159.99 shipped. That's about 10 cents more per gig, but it's still an amazing deal, especially if you can't afford the higher-capacity offering.

If you're wondering how these drives perform, be sure to check out our review. The short answer is that they have excellent read speeds but mostly middle-of-the-pack write speeds, largely due to Samsung's use of triple-level-cell flash instead of the more common (and more expensive) multi-level-cell variety. They're still very solid performers overall, however—and they're considerably faster than even high-end mechanical hard drives, like WD's Caviar Black series.

Thanks to TR forum gerbil jmc2 for the heads-up on this one!

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