Leap motion controller coming to Best Buy on May 19

Remember that Leap motion controller? You know, the one that's purportedly 200 times more precise than Microsoft's Kinect hardware? Well, it's about to hit stores. Leap Motion (the company) says the Leap Motion Controller is shipping in preparation for a May 19 launch. The device will roll out "exclusively in the U.S. at Best Buy stores."

Folks who can't wait to go all Minority Report on their PCs can already pre-order the thing from Best Buy's website. The Leap Motion Controller is priced at $79.99, including shipping. According to the product page, it measures a scant 1.2" x 3" x 0.5" and plugs into a nearby USB 2.0 port. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and OS X 10.8, although a system with at least a Phenom II or a Core i3 processor with 2GB of RAM is required.

In case you missed the demo video last time, here it is again—worth a watch, because hey, this stuff is pretty cool:

I'm not sure I'd spend $80 for the privilege of flailing my arms at my computer all day, but I can see why someone would. The possibilities are many, and motion controls seem a lot more natural than touch input on an upright desktop screen. The prospect of using this thing to play games is interesting, too. Oh, and the Leap Motion Controller is actually slightly cheaper than Microsoft's Kinect sensor. Amazon charges $89.99 for the standalone Kinect doohickey right now, and that's apparently on sale from the usual $109.99.

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