Sunday Shortbread

The Fierce Five

  1. Economic slowdown to hit Canada revenues: Flaherty - Reuters
  2. CPU World: AMD A4-1200 "Temash" APU sighted
  3. Neowin: Could we see Microsoft
    update Office 201 every three months?
  4. How-To Geek: Why watching DVDs on Linux is illegal in the USA
  5. Mass Effect : Citadel - FAQ


  1. Technic3D's Core i5-3470, i3-3240 & AMD
    A10-5700 processors roundup (in German)
  2. NikKTech reviews 500GB Toshiba STOR.E SLIM portable hard drive
  3. KitGuru's Roccat Isku FX keyboard review
  4. BCCHardware reviews Evercool Silent Shark CPU cooler
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