PC memory prices are still rising

A little over a month ago, we learned that contract prices for PC memory modules were on the rise. Well, the tide hasn't turned, and prices are still climbing, according to a story posted by DigiTimes this morning.

DigiTimes says contract pricing for 4GB DDR3 modules has now reached $20. That's up from between $17 and $17.50 in early January, based on that month-old report, which means we're looking at a hike from $34-35 to $40 for an eight-gig DDR3 memory kit. (2GB modules have also gone up to $11 a piece, so they cost a little more per gigabyte than their 4GB brethren.)

This time, DigiTimes has some more background details on the reasons behind the hike. It turns out that DRAM manufacturers have allocated less of their capacity to PC memory and more to server and mobile RAM, according to the "Taiwan-based makers" who spoke to the site. Reportedly, PC DRAM now accounts for less than 20% of Samsung's capacity and less than 50% of Hynix's capacity.

If demand for mobile and server memory doesn't wane, DigiTimes expects contract prices for 4GB PC module to climb "toward $25." I expect retail prices to be even higher, given that 8GB DDR3-1600 desktop kits aren't available for much less than $43 at Newegg already.

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