Report: Intel's Haswell suffers from USB 3.0 issue

This story has been making the rounds over the weekend, and it's a little disconcerting. According to, which cites both a "reliable source" and an "internal document" from an Intel partner, systems based on Intel's next-gen Haswell processors have a problem with USB 3.0 device support.

In the document, Intel purportedly informs manufacturers that a system with Haswell inside, when waking from S3 sleep mode, will experience issues with devices connected through USB 3.0. For example this would result in blank pages displaying in Acrobat Reader PDFs or video playback stopping, rather than continuing.

Haswell isn't due out for several months, though, so surely the problem will be resolved then... right?

Well, maybe not. says a "future processor stepping" will take care of the problem, but Intel has made its partners agree to "accept this issue" before receiving shipments of CPUs. In other words, it sounds like the first wave of Haswell systems to hit the market might be affected by this issue.

If the problem is a recent discovery, that may be the only way around a delay. Intel has set a mid-year release time frame for Haswell's debut, and the desktop release is expected to take place on June 2 at the Computex trade show in Taipei. That would leave barely three months for a re-spin, validation, and enough shipments to ensure PC makers have sufficient volume for the launch—likely far too little time.

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