Darth Via: The confusing saga

I have been keeping a rather close eye on various forums around the Internet in an attempt to learn more about the VIA 686B fix and its success or failure rate. By far the most interesting coversation has been taking place here at the ViaHardware Forums. George Breese, Tracey Anner, and John Gatt have all weighed in on the situation, presenting a deluge of information, including what the register change modifies, what impact that modification will have, what kind of install methods you should adhere to, and much, much more.

I have to say, I am not a big fan of lot of what was said in the forum. I take offense to some of the insinuations that user error is the number one cause of 686B problems. I also was not pleased with the mentality that Via's trouble is every other hardware manufacturer's fault. Some of the statements only lead to confusion, as well, as it seems people are still disagreeing on which chipsets this patch does or does not help. Regardless, this is an excellent read and also provides a rather stark contrast to my own take on the matter.

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