Report: New chipset revision to fix Haswell USB 3.0 bug

Earlier this month, rumors started floating around about a USB 3.0 bug in next-gen Haswell systems. Hardware.Info, which broke the story, said the bug causes USB 3.0 devices to act up when Haswell machines awake from an S3 sleep state. The site went on to say Intel planned a new CPU stepping to fix the problem.

Well, that last part may not be accurate. Word is now that a new chipset stepping will take care of the issue. Both Hardware.Info and Fudzilla are saying so, with the former citing the latter. The citation suggests the original rumor was indeed incorrect, at least about the CPU needing a new stepping.

A chipset re-spin does sound like a more plausible fix for a USB 3.0 problem. Of course, from an end user's standpoint, the effect should be largely the same. Since Intel is reportedly proceeding with its early June launch plan, folks may have to put up with wonky USB 3.0 in the first wave of Haswell PCs.

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