2GHz PowerPCs

No, this is not a dream. ZDNet has the scoop:
IBM's PowerPC development team plans to use several homegrown technologies to help boost performance of future PowerPC chips, which it will announce later this year. The chips will be capable of hitting 1GHz late this year, with IBM eyeing the 2GHz mark for late 2002.

IBM's newest PowerPC chip, a replacement for its 700MHz PowerPC 750cxe, will be announced later in the year. The chip, code-named Sahara, will be capable of running at 1GHz but will likely start life at a more sedate 750MHz, sources said, creeping up to 1GHz in 2002.

Analysts agree. PowerPC "has more innate performance at the same frequency than an x86 processor" such as Intel's, said Kevin Krewell, senior analyst with MicroDesign Resources. "The fact that it's going into a totally different platform allows (IBM) to not have to compete head-to-head with Intel on frequency."

Yes, this means faster Apples. There's more in there about how IBM will go about achieving faster speeds (like SOI technology). At the height of the CISC vs. RISC debate, I think it was Ars Technica's Hannibal or maybe Paul DeMone who said that die shrinks are more important than processor architecture. Based on what I have seen of the Pentium 4, I am inclined to agree with that assessment. Agree or disagree?
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