We may be going away for a little while

How about a giant web server outage in the middle of the day? That's essentially the proposition our hosting firm offered us late last night, when it notified us that it will be physically moving our servers to another location at noon Central Time today. The maintenance window for the move is four hours.

We have begged and pleaded for another option, such as a late-night migration window, the chance to move one server to the new location ahead of the others, bringing up a temporary VM on another box, or at least more time to implement our own measures—basically anything other than a massive, unplanned outage.

It appears we are losing the battle. I can't seem to convince the folks in charge to modify their plans.

If we can't persuade them to do the right thing, TR will be completely unreachable during an hours-long span starting just before noon CDT today. So will Beyond3D. We will be sweating bullets hoping the transition goes smoothly from there.

I'd like to apologize in advance to our readers and sponsors for the outage. We have taken steps to provide fast and reliable service in the event of many sorts of problems, but we have misplaced our trust in this case.

During the outage, you can get updates from us via our Facebook page or my Twitter feed. Those outlets may become important if things go sideways with the move.

Update: And we're back. At least it was quick. Still baffled why that had to happen in the middle of a weekday.

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