Team Fortress 2 gets VR mode for Oculus Rift

Add another title to the growing collection of games compatible with the Oculus Rift virtuality headset. This week, you'll be able to download an updated version of Team Fortress 2 that supports the Kickstarted VR goggles. An Oculus-themed hat has has been created, as well—not a real hat, of course, but a set of in-game goggles for your avatar to wear. According to the official Oculus blog, the hat is free for anyone who backed the Kickstarter project or who pre-orders the Rift headset before April 1. And it's so meta.

Making TF2 work with the VR headset apparently wasn't easy, and Valve will be sharing what it learned at the Game Developers Conference next week. Valve staffers Michael Abrash and Joe Ludwig will both be giving related talks. Engadget has already posted a short interview with Ludwig, who explains that Valve wants to get a VR-enabled game into the hands of the community to see how it reacts. The developer has toyed with bringing Rift support to some of its other titles but wants to see what it can learn from TF2 first.

Team Fortress 2 probably won't be the only VR-enabled game shown at GDC. The Oculus Rift blog teases upcoming news about "Unity, Unreal, and the Oculus SDK." We already know that Doom 3: BFG Edition and Hawken will support the VR headset, and Wikipedia has an impressive list of other games that will also have Rift compatibility. Doom 4 is on that list, as are Minecraft, 0x10c, and a bunch of racing sims. The potential for virtual reality driving games is particularly intriguing.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter project but want to order a Rift headset for yourself, development kits are available for $300. They'll ship out in May, but the experience might not be fully polished. The pre-order page requires clicking a checkbox that reads: "I understand this hardware is intended for developers and it is not a consumer product." Of course, a few hiccups might be worth getting in on the ground floor for what could be the next big thing in PC gaming.

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