Nintendo's GameCube

MSNBC has gotten a jump on the competition by being allowed a sneak peak at the new GameCube. It was found playing Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2 from Factor 5:
Forget anything you have heard about polygon counts and processor sizes — this re-creation of the cinema’s most famous battle is nearly flawless. GameCube may not boast the largest polygon counts, but it makes very smart use of polygons and textures, resulting in an amazingly true-to-the-movies recreation.

GameCube makes good use of light, too. Whether lit by lasers or exploding Imperial ships, the walls of the Death Star glow to reflect changes in light.

Steven Kent goes on to talk about how the next generation consoles stack up against each other while continuing to rave about RS2. Nintendo will let the rest of the world in on its new darling during next week's E3.
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