Humble team now offering weekly game sales

We've all heard of Humble Bundles. Every so often, a collection of indie games is rounded up and offered at an irresistible price: whatever you want to pay. As an added bonus, the games are typically DRM-free and support multiple operating systems.

The bundles only come around so often, but the Humble team has a new endeavor that promises a more steady stream of gaming goodness. Every Tuesday, a new title will be featured in the Humble Weekly Sale. Only one game will be on sale at a time, but the pricing structure is similar. You decide not only what to pay, but also how much of your contribution goes to the developers versus charities and the Humble team.

As with the bundles, there are incentives to pay more than a few pennies. This week's game is Bastion, and shelling out a dollar for the title entitles you to a Steam key in addition to the DRM-free downloads everyone gets. Paying more than the average, which currently sits at $2.65, entitles you to digital copies of the soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC format in addition to an art pack, sheet music, and ringtones. If you pony up $25, a CD soundtrack, Bastion bandana, and multiple postcards will be shipped to your door at no extra charge.

Bastion has received good reviews on the PC, with an 86 MetaCritic score and a user rating of 8.5. While it doesn't really look like my kind of game, I am happy to see the Humble folks doing weekly sales. I'm usually interested in only one of two games in a given bundle, and at times that's led me to skip it entirely. It seems likely that offering games individually will also result in more revenue for developers. The average price for most bundles tends to be in the $6 range, which usually works out to less than a dollar per game. Bastion is already well ahead of that mark.

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