Corsair's Vengeance K70 keyboard is mechanical throughout

Ever since the Consumer Electronics Show, we've known Corsair is working on an updated version of its Vengeance K90 mechanical keyboard. Dubbed the K95, that model will use Cherry MX red switches across the entire board and come with LED backlighting that can be adjusted on a per-key basis. Now, we know it also has a sibling. Corsair has taken the wraps off the Vengeance K70, a similarly tweaked version of its K60 keyboard.

Like the K95, the K70 has Cherry MX red switches throughout. It also has the same fancy backlighting; there are four brightness levels, and the LEDs behind each key can be disabled individually. Media keys, a volume wheel, and a USB pass-through are all built in. The Vengeance has anti-ghosting tech, too, and it supports up to 20 simultaneous keystrokes—just enough for all your fingers and toes.

Two versions of the K70 will be available: a black model with red backlighting and a silver one with blue LEDs. Both use the same minimalist aluminum frame, which really sets the Vengeance keyboards apart from the rest of the mechanical pack. There's no option for different Cherry switches, though. You're stuck with the linear stroke and light touch of the MX reds.

While the K70 lacks the programmable macro keys of the K95, it does come with a set of specially contoured key caps for the WASD area. This puppy is designed more for FPS gamers than MMO players. The key caps have been carried over from the K60, but that keyboard's one-handed wrist wrest has been replaced with more conventional one that stretches the entire width of the board. Makes sense to me.

Corsair's first generation of mechanical keyboards caught some flack for using rubber dome switches on a handful of keys. The mushy response of those keys is a stark contrast to the mechanical precision of the others, and it's enough to ruin the K60 for me. That fatal flaw has now been addressed, making the K70 potentially very attractive indeed. You can expect to see the keyboard on sale in April for $130.

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