High-tech materials pervade Logitech's G-series peripherals

Over the past few years, a number of companies have muscled in on Logitech's PC peripheral business. Everyone seems to be making high-end keyboards, mice, and headsets these days. Logitech is responding with a new lineup of G-series peripherals aimed at gamers. You can see the fresh wares in the promo video below.

Logitech says the new lineup is enhanced based on lessons learned from studying device usage with "infrared technology." All the new mice and keyboards use hydrophobic materials for the palm areas to keep clammy hands from sticking. Fingerprint-resistant coatings cover "heavy contact zones," and some of the mice feature "dry grip" surfaces to provide better control.

Apart from those fancy materials, the updated peripherals don't look all that different from Logitech's current offerings. The press release touts a new Delta Zero sensor for a couple of lower-end mice, but that's about it.

While Logitech hypes the durability of the microswitches in its mice, it's surprisingly silent about the switch technology used in the new G19s and G510s keyboards. Odds are the switches aren't mechanical, which is disappointing for keyboards priced at $200 and $120, respectively. Logitech appears to have blown the budget on integrated displays and multicolored backlighting.

Cherry MX brown switches can be found in Logitech's G710+ keyboard, but an updated version of that model isn't in the new lineup. The G710+ is actually on sale at Newegg right now; it's been discounted from the $150 MSRP to $128, and another $20 can be knocked off the price with promo code EMCXTVW57. You won't get auxiliary displays like on the G19s and G510s, but the mechanical model does feature dual-zone backlighting, programmable macro keys, and dedicated media buttons.

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