Free-to-play, PhysX-infused Warframe hits Steam today

You may have seen a game called Warframe mentioned in the release notes accompanying the last few Nvidia GeForce driver updates. Developed by Digital Extremes, this free-to-play action title uses PhysX for a number of particle effects. The game had been in closed beta since October, but late last week, access was granted to all. Warframe is also coming to Steam; it'll be available on the service in just a few hours.

While it's unclear whether the Steam version is considered a beta or a full release (the game isn't listed as part of Steam's Early Access program), that distinction may ultimately be unimportant for what amounts to a free game. Here's the latest trailer:

Players will be able to experience Warframe solo or with up to three others in a co-op mode. Each character has a different set of abilities, which should make co-op games particularly interesting. I like the mix of gunplay and melee combat, as well. Who doesn't want to cleave their enemies in two after softening them up with a few bullets first?

If you want to see Warframe's PhysX effects in action, check out this video. The particle effects certainly look impressive, but they're also pretty gratuitous. The graphics look decent overall, though. At least on that front, free-to-play games have come a long way since Battlefield Heroes and Quake Live.

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