Leaked slides reveal Haswell graphics options for mobile CPUs

As Haswell approaches, details are leaking out about what we can expect and when. The latest trickle comes from VR-Zone's Chinese site, which has published information on the various integrated graphics options for Intel's next-gen mobile chips. Desktop versions of Haswell will be limited to GT2 versions of the integrated GPU, but there's some variety on the mobile front.

According to official-looking documents posted on the site, the fastest version of Haswell's built-in GPU will be known as the Intel HD Graphics 5200. This flavor will use the GT3 version of the integrated graphics processor paired with dedicated memory on the CPU package, and it'll apparently be restricted to high-performance notebooks. Ultrabooks will get the HD Graphics 5100 and 5000, which will share the GT3 core but won't employ on-package memory.

As they are on the desktop, GT2 versions of Haswell will be part of the HD Graphics 4000 family. 4200 and 4400 variants will hit ultrabooks, and a 4600 version is coming for beefier notebooks.

VR-Zone doesn't have details on the relative performance of the various graphics configurations, but it does outline which ones will come with which ultrabook-bound CPUs. The site also has full specifications for a pair of high-end i7 parts with HD 5200 GPUs. It looks like the top-of-the-line model will be the Core i7-4950HQ, which purportedly boasts four cores clocked at 2.4GHz with a 3.6GHz Turbo peak. The integrated graphics will scale from 200-1300MHz, just like on the i7-4850HQ. That chip is otherwise identical apart from its CPU clock speeds, which are 100MHz lower. Both i7s have a 47W thermal envelope that rules out use in ultra-slim notebooks.

The HQ models may not be the only 47W chips in the Haswell lineup. CPU-World says we'll see MQ derivatives with slower HD 4600 graphics. Those processors will reportedly trade faster integrated GPUs for a 400MHz boost in base CPU frequency and a 200MHz increase in max Turbo speeds. The lower model numbers suggest Intel is keen to emphasize integrated graphics performance with its new processors.

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