Hardware trailer reveals new project from ex-Homeworld devs

Blackbird Interactive, home to ex-Relic developers who worked on the Homeworld series, has released a trailer for its new project. Dubbed Hardware: Shipbreakers, the upcoming title is an "ambitous and original sci-fi social strategy game." And it looks beautiful.

Wow. While it's unclear whether the trailer represents in-game footage or cinematic sequences, the art direction is stunning.

Few details are available, but a Kotaku story from 2011 indicates that Hardware will be "the world's first planetary-scale social strategy game." Player interactions will apparently be central to the game. However, there's no word on whether this will be a traditional multiplayer title or something more in the vein of the latest SimCity release—ideally without the server issues and "required" Internet connection.

Intrigued? You can apply to be part of the closed beta right here. Interestingly, the questionaire asks whether folks have Windows, Linux, or OS X-based computers in addition to the usual mix of console and mobile platforms. Blackbird's site also says the developer aims to deliver "high quality free-to-play platform-agnostic content."

Hardware appears to be due for release this year, so I'd expect the beta to kick off sooner rather than later. Let's hope the game does the trailer justice.

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