Leaked slide outs Ivy Bridge-E models

Haswell isn't the only new desktop processor Intel is set to release this year. Ivy Bridge-E is also on the way, and an official-looking slide published by VR-Zone's Chinese site suggests the new ultra-high-end platform will debut in the third quarter. According to the slide, there will be three models: the Core i7-4820K, 4830K, and 4860X. Here's how the specifications stack up.

Model Cores Threads Base clock Turbo clock L3 cache TDP
Core i7-4820K 4 8 3.7GHz 3.9GHz 10MB 130W
Core i7-4830K 6 12 3.4GHz 3.9GHz 12MB 130W
Core i7-4860X 6 12 3.6GHz 4GHz 15MB 130W

The core counts and cache sizes are a perfect match for Intel's existing Sandy Bridge-E processors. The turbo frequencies are almost identical, as well, but the base clock speeds have gone up by 100-200MHz. There's also been a 266MHz jump in memory speed. Sandy Bridge-E officially supports memory up to 1600MHz, while Ivy-E appears to be primed for 1866MHz RAM.

All three processors have 130W thermal envelopes, which is the same for most of the CPUs in the Sandy Bridge-E family. Intel did add a 150W Core i7-3970X late last year, and it looks like the door is open for a similar product in the Ivy Bridge-E lineup. I'd rather see an eight-core model, though. Ivy Bridge-E silicon is rumored to have as many as 12 cores onboard, so products with half that many or less could be rather extremely hobbled.

Although the VR-Zone roadmap has Ivy Bridge-E CPUs appearing in the third quarter, the article text points to a November launch date. That fits with the latest rumors, which predict a November launch, and with the schedule for Sandy Bridge-E, which first appeared in November 2011.

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