AMD roadmap confirms Steamroller-based Opterons this year

There has been some doubt about whether consumer processors based on AMD's upcoming Steamroller CPU architecture will be released this year. In November, the rumor mill suggested that Steamroller cores won't ship in desktop chips until 2014, which is later than the schedule AMD discussed with the press in early 2012. At CES in January, AMD answered with a roadmap clearly showing Steamroller-based Kaveri APUs on the menu for 2013. AMD's Q1 2013 Investor Presentation (PDF) also indicates that Kaveri will come to notebooks and desktops this year, and the document has an interesting surprise for the enterprise crowd:


Steamroller-based Opteron processors are coming in 2013, too. As Xbit Labs notes, an old Opteron roadmap released last year indicates that the new cores weren't supposed to infiltrate the firm's family of server and workstation CPUs until the second half of 2014. AMD will apparently have chips ready six months early.

Well, there's a sentence I thought I'd never write.

Word of these upcoming Opterons is so fresh there doesn't appear to be a product-specific codename attached. Enthusiasts should take note, though. The silicon used for the processors could make its way into desktop systems as a successor to the Vishera family of FX CPUs currently anchoring Socket AM3+.

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