New Thief trailer, details emerge from the shadows

The next chapter in the Thief franchise has been in development since 2009. Dubbed simply Thief, the reboot is currently slated for release next year for the PC, PlayStation 4, and next-gen Xbox. The hype machine is getting into gear, with screenshots released last month and a trailer hitting YouTube today.

The trailer appears to be short on in-game footage, but it nicely sets the stage for the first-person sneaker. Although Thief will largely retain the perspective of its predecessors, an interview with Game Director Nic Cantin posted on the Eidos blog reveals that there will be a third-person camera. That view will be used sparingly to "improve your awareness of your surroundings."

Cantin confirms that the game's pacing will very much be up to the player, who will have the option of sneaking past opponents or attacking them. Thief is obviously geared toward the former, but the combat has been spruced up with new "action moves." Those moves will be layered on top of the traditional melee system, and they'll draw from the game's new "focus" mechanic. In a separate interview, Cantin drops a few details about the focus system, which players will be able to use to slow down time while fighting, picking locks, or pilfering goods from peoples' pockets.

Cantin seems aware that many old-school Thief fans want the new game to play like the originals. "Thief purists will have options," he says, suggesting that it may be possible to turn off or ignore some of the new gameplay elements for a more classic experience.

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