WinRT systems getting deep price cuts

Windows RT tablets are getting cheaper. That may be good news for bargain hunters, but it's bad news for Microsoft. So says PC World, which has documented the price cuts and says they indicate the failure of the operating system.

PC World's story mentions three devices: Dell's XPS 10, which launched at $499 and is now available for $449.99 from Dell's website; Asus' VivoTab RT, which originally cost $599 and is now available for $379.99 at Amazon; and Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 11, which is down from its $799 release price to just $499.99 at Amazon.

Those are all rather deep cuts. And there's something else: Newegg lists the VivoTab RT as "discontinued." (PC World attempted to confirm the product's fate but claims not to have heard back from Asus yet.)

Quoting "analysts," the site goes on to say that "prices of popular products usually don't fall" and that these cuts are "an acknowledgement that Windows RT has failed." PC makers may simply be trying to clear inventory because they plan to pull out of the market. Either that, or the cuts could be to make room for new devices coming in time for the holiday season.

Given that a new version of Windows RT is expected out alongside Windows Blue later this year, the latter option certainly seems plausible. But then again, with next-gen Intel chips (including Haswell) also due out later in 2013, the appeal of WinRT devices could be further diminished by the time Windows Blue arrives.

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